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    Frat-Daddy Ode

    Ok tumblr, let’s rumble. You ready for the blog of all blogs? Can you handle this truth? I’m about to come out of the tumblr closet. I love boys. I like them tall, I like ‘em strong…. and I like them a lot. I’m a bit boy crazy some could say, and if they don’t say it, they’re probably thinking it. But lately, I’ve been striking out. I’ve chased guys I knew better than to chase. I loved where I should’ve left. I think it’s just my frivolous non-committal nature. I love the thrill of potential and dislike the ball and chains that come with a real relationship having been in real relationships for so much of my life. So as a result I’ve chased potential where there was none. It’s what is behind the appeal of the “frat-daddy” really, the guy who you wouldn’t bring home to mom… but you’d call her about.

    This is a guy whose attractive, smart, funny, witty, rich, and “doesn’t do relationships.” He’s the perma bachelor. The celebrity crush that you can touch but can’t date. But he’s a phase. And trust me, we all need this phase. It’s the fun single year(s). There is something about a guy you can’t have and kind of don’t want to have. He’s great for the in between boyfriend stage. He can make you laugh, send you shirtless pictures, take you on the occasional date, and send you sober driver’s numbers when it’s a “little late but…”. He also makes a great date to events where you know you’ll be drinking because that is one of his main hobbies besides investment banking or whatever is going to make him rich someday. 

    But once the frat juice fizzles and the blacklights are turned off, you’ll find that sticky floors and twin sized beds are not all they’re cracked up to be. You’re upset that he doesn’t return your calls… and your texts… and your facebook messages… but you can’t tell him you’re upset because that would make you “crazy.” (Sidenote: sending him 2 texts and a facebook message will probably make you seem “crazy” so I’d stop while you’re ahead). The type of relationship you need is not the frat-daddy…. if you can call it a relationship. It’s not characterized by booty call texts and how much you both love McCormicks vodka. 

    What you need is a man who isn’t going to freak out if you send two texts and a facebook message (or you know, like five… cause that’s totally ok, right?) He may have been a frat daddy in a former life… but he’s ready to wife up. He answers your calls, buys you dinner at a place without a drive-thru, and introduces you to his friends. So I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m over my frat-daddy phase. I’ve moved past it. It was fun while it lasted boys, but I’d rather have a boyfriend than a booty call. 

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